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“Haley Halcyon’s coding dump”

I design, make music, play rhythm games, and code. Here's a link to a bunch of stuff I coded.

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My big coding project

Salty Trivia with Candy Barre – a You Don’t Know Jack fangame

This started out as a solo project back in 2019 October 28, but since I didn’t use a game engine, I didn’t even make it past the menu screens, and I abandoned the project on 2020 January 18.

But then, I learned Godot Engine, an intuitive and powerful FOSS game engine, and I participated in a few game jams suing the engine. In 2021 December 27, I uploaded the first functional version of Salty Trivia onto Then I recruited some voice actors, many of whom fans of the You Don’t Know Jack series, and wrote 12 episodes. I even added phones-as-controllers support, something I definitely wouldn’t have known how to do before.

You can see the official home page of the game on the hai!touch Studios website.

coded with ♥ by Haley Halcyon