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Dollphone is a cute icon pack that is very cute, but isn’t too hyper. The icons avoid overly saturated or dark colors, and softly bulge out the “straight” lines away from the center for a plushie-like look.

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Dollphone Icon Pack is a crystallization of years of passion for the “yurukawa” aesthetic.

It is 100% free (Apache License 2.0) and open-source, and can be downloaded from the following locations:

Icon requests

If an icon you want is missing from the app, you can submit up to 12 icon requests per version using the in-app request feature. Check the apps you want to request, then send the resulting email.

Has your icon been requested already? I only have so much time in my day, so I prioritize the icons that have been requested multiple times in the list above.

Icon commissions

Need an icon really badly? I will accept commissions! By paying an extra fee, you can bypass the request queue and have me make an icon of your choice and guarantee its inclusion in the next update.



Do I have an icon for your favorite app? If so, you can preview it here. If not, check here if it’s been requested already!

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    coded with ♥ by Haley Halcyon