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“Haley Halcyon’s coding dump”

I design, make music, play rhythm games, and code. Here's a link to a bunch of stuff I coded.

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Rhythm Games

Salty Trivia with Candy Barre – a You Don’t Know Jack fangame

This started out as a solo project back in 2019 October 28, but since I didn’t use a game engine, I didn’t even make it past the menu screens, and I abandoned the project on 2020 January 18.

But then, I learned Godot Engine, an intuitive and powerful FOSS game engine, and I participated in a few game jams suing the engine. In 2021 December 27, I uploaded the first functional version of Salty Trivia onto Then I recruited some voice actors, many of whom fans of the You Don’t Know Jack series, and wrote 12 episodes. I even added phones-as-controllers support, something I definitely wouldn’t have known how to do before.

You can see the official home page of the game on the hai!touch Studios website.


Dollphone is an icon pack for Android that uses soft colors, rounded lines, and playful skeuomorphism.

See the official preview page; the F-Droid and GitHub links live there.


coded with ♥ by Haley Halcyon