STARLiGHT's sequel is now available for Project Outfox.



NOTE: This Noteskin is not part of the theme “Starlight TWOpointZERO” for Outfox.


STARLiGHT is a family of noteskins that is compatible with the Dance mode of Stepmania, including the Solo style.

Its modern design, with colors contrasting and readable against light or dark backgrounds, brings the beloved DDR arrow to the 2020s.

It boasts 7 different colorations for maximum compatibility. More on this below.

Disclaimer & terms of use

You may use this noteskin for the following purposes:

You are forbidden from using this noteskin for the following purposes:

For any other purposes, please use your discretion; if you are unsure, please contact the author.

Important note

This Noteskin suite is no longer a part of DDR XX -STARLiGHT-, due to the project’s leadership unilaterally removing me and my contributions to said project. It is listed for your enjoyment in ways that are completely separate from said project.